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Welcome to Our FatnRich Showroom
We are proud to have this showroom as a venue to gather people who are passionate about creating wealth through investment. Here, we always believe in continuous broadening knowledge horizon and hence, we take this opportunity to hold a number of workshops in our FatnRich Showroom throughout the year.
Upcoming Investment Workshops:

  • Stock Market    : Made 500% From A Single Share in 6 Months*
  • Futures & CPO : Would you invest RM50 to make 5 figure income
                             in 2 weeks from FKLI and CPO?*
  • Investment Guide For New Investors
  • Guide For Trading Overseas Stocks
  • Guide For Trading Forex
Workshops Schedule

21 June 2018

10am - 6pm

Spicy Forex
Forex, CryptoCurrency
(1 Day Course)


FatnRich Showroom, Penang

26 June 2018

2pm - 6pm

Power CPO
Training Course

We teach you
how to trade CPO successfully
(buy & hold
or day trading)


FatnRich Showroom, Penang
If you wish to attend any of the workshops above, kindly submit your name and contacts to us, so that we can update you on any of the upcoming workshops.
For more information, please contact us.

Telephone : 04-8913 200 / 04-8913 201
Mobile Phone : 012-475 7723 / 012-401 7723
Fax : 04-8913 202

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