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Frequently Ask Questions

1) What is the stock scanner and what features does it carry?

Stock scanner is a daily summary that is generated automatically from the end of day trading price. It is especially useful for sorting out good potential stocks that are invested by fund managers or syndicates.


2) What is the basic concept in using Insiders?

Insiders based on Buy Low Sell High. The price movement of a stock is like a wave, it goes through peak and trough. Hence, Insiders is able to provide the signal to accurately indicate the situation of a stock or the whole market. Using the signal of Insiders, investor will be able to make their informed decision correctly to achieve Buy Low Sell High.


3) Why is Ħ°BottomĦħ so important?





Bottom makes your investment safe ¨C Enter the market at the lowest price.

Bottom maximizes your profits ¨C Buy at the lowest point and sell at the highest point.

Bottom minimizes your risk ¨C Bottom is also a good cut loss point to minimize loss.

Bottom provides you enough time to buy ¨C You know the buy signals at bottom earlier than others so you have enough time to buy with a very good price.


4) Who should use Insiders?

Those want to be rich.


5) What are the top 4 reasons to use Insiders?





Make more money by maximize your return.

High accuracy.

Save your time, only 3 seconds to make investment decision

Simple and user friendly, even your kids can do it.


6) When should you use our Insiders Software?
1) When you want to make a transaction.


Double confirm the buy sell signals from the Insiders to ensure the correct timing.
Take the emotion out of your decision by taking insiders signals and strategies for all your investing decisions.
To reduce your investments risk.
2) When you are looking for good timing to sell your stocks.
Insiders able to provide the best sell signals before price drop.
A good profit taking guide.
3) When you try to find the lowest price to go in.
  a) Insiders – The only software in the world that able to provide you the bottom price.
  b) Maximize your profits for each trade.
  c) Know the signals faster than others, easy and have enough time to go in.
7) What area is your software covered?

We covered worldwide stock market like Malaysia, Singapore, US, Hong Kong... and other countries will be open one by one soon, including Futures, CPO, Forex, Commodities, Unit Trusts and etc.


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