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  Full Time FOREX Trader¡¯s Success Secrets  

Read every word of this message because it has BIG NEWS for you if you trade FOREX (or have always wanted to)

20 May 2009 (5.02PM)

On the above date I received a sms from a Forex customer. This is what he said:

“Hi, Dr Lee. Thanks for your Insiders, its helps me to improve my forex trading from 30% to 50% average in 3 weeks.”

Well, this customer has been a full time Forex trader for 7 – 8 years and this is the first time he has made at such substantial gains within such as short period.

This is because there’s a software you can use that will actually provides you high accuracy signal !

You just type the currency symbol into the symbol field, click ENTER button, and the signal perfectly show the direction on your monitor!

But that’s not all this software does!

You can ALSO use it without doing your critical market research before you start your trade (which NO NEWS, NO REPORT to read) …

… even you can MANAGE your entire investment easily!


  A Doctor¡¯s Success Story  

On 7 May 2009 10:44AM received one sms from a doctor (customer).

The sms content :

1 hour in stock earn almost my 1 month Doctor salary.
Insiders Best! Great!


One Day Profits RM60,000 During Recession


FatNRich¡¯s Insiders always making unbelievable success stories, it can be happen to you too, if you follow the right tool.

The Lazy Man¡¯s Tool ¨C Insiders.


Profits RM70,000 During Recession


Fat N Rich¡¯s Insiders is creating miracle, our client made profits RM70,000 on 19 March 2009 during recession.

  Earning Profits Even When The Market Is Down  

Ding dong¡­. Suddenly one of the ¡®Insiders¡¯ users msn me and wanted to share a good news. Today he received a call from a remisier who notified him of the good news.

Congratulation! According to our records you have been on a winning spree for the past ten months!

Personally, he himself is wondering how he can make such profits at this economic downturn while others are losing money.

At the end of the conversation, I felt elated that ¡®Insiders¡¯ has helped investors to achieve their targets in reaping profits. This proves that ¡®Insiders¡¯ is really effective and workable in any market conditions.

Do not waste your time anymore if you want to be like our friend bearing a smiling face among investors. Try using ¡®Insiders¡¯ as a useful investment tool and see the different! Is easy and simple; for you just have to follow the signals. Maximizing profit easily will then be just a cup of tea!

  Insiders Success Story in February 2009  

During one of the MSN messenger chat sessions on February 2009, a customer related his success story of making money in the stock market.

¡°What is so exciting about his story¡±? You may ask.

¡°Well¡±, he made a month¡¯s salary in 4 days!


¡°Doesn¡¯t it make you feel wonderful to be in that situation¡±?

Obviously ¡°yes¡± and it can happen to you!

¡°Are you sure he made it at the stock market during this downturn time¡±?

¡°Yes!¡± he made it during this weak market conditions.

Puzzled how he made it?

¡°Well¡±, he just followed my simple yet easy proven system in Fat N Rich!


Good Things About INSIDERS


The INSIDERS truly provides profitable and hidden information that I could take advantages on obtaining great profits from the stock market.

By using the INSIDERS, I could shorten my time by picking up the best & potential stocks. It is no doubt "The Lazy Man's Tool".

You don't have to be an "expert" to be able to interpret the technical chart.

You don't have to be an "expert" to be able to analyze the fundamental of a stock.

It is just as simple as "1-2-3".

Here is My Little "Experience" That I Gained From INSIDERS:

Normally at the end of a day, if a stock has "Buy" signal in the INSIDERS, I will take a note of this stock for tomorrow's trading.

During next day trading, I will start to accumulate if it is good to buy.

As for the down trend stocks; I will monitor it, and I would wait until the next bottom to be built.

A Grateful:

I sincerely would like to thank Dr. Steven Lee for giving me the opportunity to subscribe to his FATNRICH's INSIDERS.

Since the first day I communicate with Dr. Steven until today, he has given me so much advices & guidance that I could be so much useful in the stock market & my life.

Indeed, Dr. Steven is a very good & patient listener cum teacher that can attain to our every single problem.

I would say, his contribution to the society is honorable.


Mr. Chan
Engineer (Malaysia)


Stock investment become a Relax Job


A wonderful success story for a new day.

I received an email from my Malaysia customer on 9 July 2008. This customer gave me a good news and also a wonderful morning.

I like to collect success story ¡­ thank you so much.


My Customer who trade Futures


Another success story from my customer who trade Futures in Malaysia.

He made RM2,800 within few days with trading Futures. How much capital he need ? Only RM4,000 per Futures contract.

Many investors losing money, but this customer manage to create his wealth while working for others.

You don¡¯t have to quit your job to make multiple streams of income. What you need is the right (lazy) way and the right tool ¡­ plus the right mentor.

Below is the chatting within me and my customer in Window Live Messenger.




One day before Chinese New Year, I received a short message from one of my customer.

The message wrote:

"Thank you Dr. Steven. You let me won more than RM40,000 last month in Futures. I will find a day to buy you and your wife good lunch or dinner. You change my life when I follow your formula. Thank you very much and wish you and your family happy new year."

This sms is from a 26 years old young and smart guy.

Good news for a good new year, right? Haha.

I can help other people to become better and change their life.


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